After the COVID-19 success, Serum Institute Focuses on Newer Vaccines for Dengue, Malaria Diseases

Serum Institute

The CEO of Serum Institute of India, the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world, stated that by repurposing facilities used to develop COVID-19 immunizations, the company has strengthened its manufacturing ahead of launches over the next few years of shots against diseases like dengue and malaria.

CEO Adar Poonawalla stated in an interview that the business is employing those facilities to produce its newer shots, which it expects would improve total production by 2.5 billion doses. COVID-19 manufacturing has been reduced back as demand ebbs.

Serum manufactures the protein-based vaccines for Novavax and the COVID-19 vaccine for AstraZeneca, which is marketed as Covishield in India.

During the height of the global health crisis, it made a $2 billion investment to increase production.
As of right now, the corporation sells roughly 1.5 billion vaccination doses annually, with a potential for up to 4 billion doses to be produced.

“And this is also important because if there is a pandemic again in the future, we can vaccinate the whole of India in a matter of three months, three to four months,” Poonawalla said. He stated that the corporation is in talks with governments and other nations to use those facilities in the event of future outbreaks, but he did not elaborate.

Poonawalla mentioned that Serum has capacity to manufacture 100 million doses of its malaria vaccine, and could scale up further depending on demand. It has already produced 25 million doses ahead of a launch in the coming months.

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