Amazing ₹100 pill Created by Tata Memorial Center to Stop the Spread of Cancer

Tata Memorial

With their latest discovery, Tata Memorial Hospital has created a ₹100 tablet that lessens the negative effects of chemotherapy and keeps cancer from coming back.

The quest for a cancer cure has proven to be unattainable thus far, but it may not be too far off according to a novel study by Tata that suggests it may have discovered a medication that would not only prevent cancer cells from returning, but also be reasonably priced at ₹100 per tablet. According to Dr Rajendra Badwe, Director of the Tata Memorial Center, the hospital has conducted new research that has resulted in the development of a ₹100 tablet that can be used to prevent cancer recurrence and to lessen the negative effects of cancer treatment therapy.

According to Dr. Badwe, the Tata experts have been working on this tablet for about ten years, and it is expected to be approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in June or July to lessen the negative effects of cancer treatment. According to the institute, the tablet is by far the most affordable and successful cancer treatment to date. Once approved, it can help reduce side effects of therapies like chemotherapy by 50% and the chance of cancer relapse by 30%. The senior doctor made this claim.

Doctors at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) discovered after ten years of research that dying cancer cells release cell-free chromatin particles following chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which can cause healthy cells to become malignant. According to the study, in chemotherapy patients, the pro-oxidant combination of copper and resveratrol assisted in controlling toxicity and chromatin destruction.

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