Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy: A Legacy of Excellence in Cardiothoracic Care

Passion and purpose are essential qualities for leaders in the healthcare industry. As healthcare organizations face increasing demands for survival, leaders must possess emotional intelligence and inspire followers through passion. Having a personally meaningful goal provides leaders with a reason to develop their leadership capacities, and caring about what they hope to achieve motivates them to accomplish their mission.

One such passionate individual thriving in the field of medicine is Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy, a renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Cardiologist with over 26 years of experience. He is currently serving as the Professor and Head, Vydehi Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre in Bangalore, India.

Having a passion for serving the poor and needy led him to travel to many Indian states to organize screening camps that helped several patients detect anomalies early and thus saved their lives. His forward-thinking approach has not only amplified patient interactions but has also provided invaluable learning experiences for his specialized students. Their enhanced training instills them with confidence in their chosen profession.

Dr. Reddy’s contributions to the field are truly groundbreaking. His innovations include pioneering single-patch closures for AV canals, eliminating the need for a bridge. His unwavering commitment to society has been recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka, with the prestigious award of excellence in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery.

His insightful talks and seminars on cardiac transplants and related subjects have cemented his standing as a luminary in the medical community. His expertise and contributions to the field of cardiology are held in the highest regard.

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Our conversation with Dr. Reddy revealed some fascinating details about his journey that led him to become one of the most dominant healthcare leaders in 2023:

Transforming Dreams into Reality

Since childhood, Dr. Durgaprasad Reddy aspired to become a doctor. Observing various dedicated doctors striving towards their specialties and super-specialties further fueled his passion for cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. Thus, he embarked on his journey and after years of hard work, he has reached this significant milestone in his career.

Dr. Reddy completed his M.B.B.S. in December 1995 from Raja Muthaiah Medical College, Annamalai University. Following this, he served as a House Surgeon from January 1996 to February 1997 at Madras Medical College, Chennai. He then joined as a Resident in General Surgery from March 1997 to August 1997 at Apollo Hospital, Chennai. Dr. Reddy successfully completed his M.S. in General Surgery from September 1997 to September 2000 at Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar (R G U H S). He continued his journey by working as a Senior Resident from October 2000 to June 2001 in the Department of CTVS at Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Hospital, Chennai. Dr. Reddy pursued Senior Residency and M.Ch. in CTVS from June 2001 to May 2004 at Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Hospital, Chennai.

In July 2004, Dr. Reddy joined as an Assistant Professor & Consultant in the Department of CTVS at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. He was subsequently promoted to Associate Professor & Senior Consultant, serving in the Department of CTVS from July 2007 to June 2011. Currently, he holds the esteemed positions of Professor, Senior Consultant, and Head in the Department of CTVS at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore.

Professional Tenure at Vydehi Institute of Medical sciences and Research Centre

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, known as VIMS, stands as an independent medical institution situated in Whitefield, Bangalore, India. Established in 2000, its primary mission is to establish and maintain unparalleled standards of quality in medical and educational services. With a capacity of 1600 beds, VIMS offers a wide range of specialized and super-specialized treatments to patients, ensuring an affordable healthcare experience.

The institute’s core focus lies in education, research, and patient care. It encompasses three academic entities: Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Vydehi Institute of Nursing Sciences. Additionally, the campus hosts two specialized centers: the Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation and the Vydehi Ayurveda Gram. VIMS provides a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in medical, dental, nursing, and biotechnology sciences, aiming to deliver globally recognized integrated medical education and healthcare services.

Dr. Reddy embarked on his journey with the hospital in 2006, coinciding with the inception of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery. Over the years, he has successfully operated on over 17,000 cases, spanning congenital and adult cardiac cases, as well as thoracic and vascular cases.

Notable Contributions in the field of Cardiology

Dr. Reddy’s contributions to the field have been truly transformative. Notably, he is credited with pioneering the technique of single-patch closures for AV canals, eliminating the need for a bridge. His indomitable dedication to societal well-being earned him the prestigious award of Excellence in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka.

In the realm of medical procedures, a concomitant procedure refers to a technique performed simultaneously with another procedure. In the case of coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease, Dr. Reddy successfully executed a concomitant procedure, effectively addressing both conditions in one surgical session.

Utilizing autologous pericardial patch closure, Dr. Reddy has demonstrated its efficacy in repairing various types of ventricular septal defects (VSDs). His proficiency extends to autologous pericardial patch closure for all types of VSDs. Notably, he undertook a particularly critical surgery on an infant with the lowest recorded weight (1.8 KG) for complex congenital heart disease, showcasing his exceptional skills and precision. Additionally, Dr. Reddy has introduced innovative techniques in the field of cardiac transplantation.

Moving towards Milestones

At Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (VIMS), the emphasis lies on preventive cardiology. VIMS encounters a diverse range of patients, each presenting a unique set of signs and symptoms. It is this diversity that fuels Dr Reddy’s determination, driving him to tirelessly strive for a healthier society. The numerous cases he encounters serve as a constant source of inspiration, motivating him to advance toward this noble goal.

Experimental treatment methods continue to advance in the field of cardiology and are driven by the dedication of researchers and clinicians to enhance patient outcomes. When discussing these innovative treatment modalities at VIMS, Dr. Reddy expresses, “Robotic surgeries in the field of CTVS are emerging as noteworthy and promising. However, for pediatrics surgeries I still prefer the conventional methods.”

Promoting Continuous Education at VIMS

Continuous education plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector. It remains imperative for professionals to stay ahead of the latest advancements and practices to ensure optimal patient care. Consequently, healthcare professionals prioritize ongoing education to enhance their proficiency, ultimately contributing to the improved health and well-being of their patients. Dr. Reddy and the team at VIMS are strong advocates of continuous education, providing extensive training to their staff to keep them abreast of the latest developments in cardiology.

The department regularly organizes teaching programs and Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions. Additionally, they actively participate in monthly and annual gatherings organized by IACTS and KACTS.

Impacting all Corners through Global Reach

VIMS is deeply invested in global health initiatives, which encompass a wide range of efforts led by various organizations and governments. Their primary focus lies on elevating the health and well-being of individuals and communities worldwide. This encompasses crucial endeavors such as disease prevention, effective management, health education, and ensuring access to essential healthcare services. The ultimate aim of these initiatives is to create a world that is not only healthier but also more equitable for every individual.

In their pursuit of this goal, VIMS actively collaborates with significant entities like the Down’s Association of Nigeria and Impact Guru, among others. These collaborations serve as a testament to their dedication to maximizing their global impact. Moreover, VIMS employs a holistic approach that includes robust social media outreach efforts, both within the nation and on international platforms. This multi-faceted strategy underscores VIMS’s relentless commitment to effecting meaningful change on a global scale.

Healthy Lifestyle: Need of the Hour

Anticipating the significant impact that particular trends will have on healthcare, Dr Reddy emphasizes, “Preventive cardiology and intervention cardiology have developed leaps and bounds in the recent years.”

The growing awareness and adoption of a healthy lifestyle, including factors such as refraining from smoking and maintaining a balanced diet, especially among the younger generation worldwide, is a highly promising trend.

Imparting Wisdom in Young Minds

For aspiring healthcare leaders, Dr. Reddy imparts some valuable advice:

“Sincerity, hard work, smart work with enhanced dedication towards patient care. These are a few important skills to be learned and followed for a healthy journey in the industry.”

Leaving a Legacy Behind

Since the inception of the Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) in their hospital, Dr. Reddy has consistently devoted more than 100 percent to both patients and the department. Over the course of the past 18 years, they have methodically refined the operational procedures, envisioning this legacy to extend for the next 50 years.

In acknowledging the proficiency of the team, Dr. Reddy emphasizes, “It all comes down my colleagues and nursing staff and their faith in me to work like me and help me reach my goals. My motto always remains- team work – works!”

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