HCG Acquires SRJ CBCC Cancer Hospital in Indore

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG) has made a significant move in the healthcare sector by acquiring SRJ CBCC Cancer Hospital in Indore. This strategic acquisition not only marks HCG’s entry into the crucial geography of Madhya Pradesh but also strengthens its commitment to delivering world-class cancer care across India.

In the pursuit of expanding its presence, HCG has ambitious plans for the newly acquired facility. The company aims to add 100 beds and establish a state-of-the-art cancer diagnostic and treatment facility within a projected operational timeline of two years. This expansion reflects HCG’s dedication to meeting the growing healthcare demands of the region.

With this entry into Madhya Pradesh, HCG has expanded its network to cover ten states. The company now boasts 21 comprehensive cancer centers with 24 hospitals across India and Africa, along with eight daycare centers.

SRJ CBCC Cancer Hospital, located centrally in Indore, is the city’s first comprehensive cancer center and currently holds the position of the market leader in the private healthcare space. The hospital, equipped with 50 cancer care beds and a state-of-the-art LINAC machine, provides a strong foundation for HCG’s entry into the region.

The acquisition opens up avenues for operational scale-up, including the introduction of organ-specific practices and the incorporation of next-gen cancer care technologies. Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman of Healthcare Global Enterprises, emphasized that this milestone signifies the company’s entry into a vibrant healthcare market and underscores its commitment to delivering world-class cancer care.

Raj Gore, CEO of Healthcare Global Enterprises, expressed the company’s mission in Indore, aiming to address the critical gap in cancer care in Madhya Pradesh. The goal is to make advanced and comprehensive cancer treatment readily available to patients, ensuring a longer and better quality of life without the need to travel great distances.

HCG’s shares ended positively on the BSE, reflecting investor confidence in the company’s strategic moves and its commitment to advancing cancer care.