Homegrown Startups Drive Medical Sector Towards $50 Billion 2030 Milestone


Gaurav Parchani, Co-founder & CTO of Dozee, is talking about a recent GTRI report that could bring big changes to India’s healthcare. The report suggests six important things that could improve how healthcare works in India. Parchani says that the report wants the government and the healthcare industry to work together to make these changes happen. One important idea is to stop giving tax breaks for things we bring into the country that don’t have taxes on them. This would help our country’s businesses and stop too much influence from outside.

On India’s 77th Independence Day, something is amazing to celebrate—India sold 17% more medical things to other countries in the first nine months of the year. This is a big deal because it shows how much we’re focusing on new ideas, being able to do things on our own, and making sure people are healthy.

The report also talks about how we should make important things here in India instead of buying them from other countries. This would help us be stronger and also come up with new ideas. The report wants us to create a system where we make things that we need here in India and also become good at making advanced medical stuff.New businesses that started here in India are also helping the medical industry grow. These startups are making things that are good for India and also for other countries. One of the cool things happening is that we’re using technology to watch over patients from far away, which makes healthcare better.

The government is also doing exciting things, like using smart technology in India. This is helpful because we don’t have enough doctors, and using smart tech can help diagnose and treat patients better. People from startups, universities, and hospitals are all working together to find good solutions that work for India. The fact that India sold 17% more medical things to other countries shows that we’re making good progress in taking care of our own healthcare needs. With new ideas and doing more on our own, our healthcare system is going to get even better.