India led the world in tuberculosis cases in 2022: WHO

The paper states that in 2022, India had 2.8 million (28.2 lakh) cases of tuberculosis, with a case fatality rates of 12%. The best estimate of the number of TB-related deaths in India, according to officials, was 3,42,000 (3,31,000 among HIV-negative individuals and 11,000 among those with HIV).

According to the newly released World Health Organization (WHO) 2023 Global TB report, India accounted for a startling 27 percent of the global burden of tuberculosis (TB) infections in 2022, making it the country with the greatest number of cases worldwide.

In 2022, thirty nations with a high burden of tuberculosis (TB) accounted for 87% of all TB cases worldwide. The top eight nations with the highest weight of load are Indonesia (10%), China (7.1%), the Philippines (7.0%), Pakistan (5.7%), Nigeria (4.5%), Bangladesh (3.6%), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (3.0%).

The research emphasizes that, with 1.1 lakh cases reported in India in 2022, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) continues to be a public health emergency. Following two years of disruptions due to COVID-19, Dr. Tereza Kasaeva, the Director of the World Health Organization’s Global TB Programme, noted a significant global recovery in the number of TB diagnoses and treatments in 2022.

“The improvement in many countries’ access to and delivery of health services is credited with the increase. The countries of India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, which collectively contributed to more than 60% of the worldwide declines in the number of new TB diagnoses in 2020 and 2021, all returned to levels higher than those before the pandemic in 2022, the spokesperson added.

The analysis highlights a noteworthy global rebound in the expansion of tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment services by 2022. There appears to be a positive trend reversing the negative impact of COVID-19 disruptions on tuberculosis services.

The report, which includes information from 192 nations and regions, shows that 7.5 million people had a TB diagnosis in 2022—the largest number since the WHO started tracking the disease worldwide in 1995. Between 2020 and 2022, the TB incidence rate (new cases per 100,000 population annually) increased by 3.9%, reversing decreases of roughly 2% per year for the majority of the previous 20 years.