MDH was Repeatedly Turned Down in the US before Becoming Outlawed in Hong Kong : Report


A cancer-causing chemical was identified in high concentrations in certain spice items from MDH and Everest, which led to a ban in Hong Kong and Singapore last month. The businesses denied these claims and insisted that their goods were secure. Data indicates that 20% of MDH’s US shipments were refused between October 2023 and May 2024. MDH previously said that its goods do not contain ethylene oxide, which can cause cancer.

Due to quality concerns, several MDH and Everest goods were banned in Singapore and Hong Kong. A review of US regulatory data shows that MDH, a well-known Indian spice company that was under fire for purported contamination in some of its goods, had an average of 14.5% of its shipments to the US refused because of the presence of germs.

Following reports of high concentrations of a chemical known to cause cancer, Hong Kong and Singapore banned certain spice goods from MDH and Everest, another well-known Indian spice business, last month. Long-term exposure to ethylene oxide can result in cancer, making it unsafe for human consumption.

Everest and MDH have both declared their goods to be safe. MDH made it clear that ethylene oxide was not used in the packing, processing, or storage of spices. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) withheld MDH items from sale in the US owing to the presence of salmonella, a bacterium that can cause gastrointestinal disorders, according to information gathered by the sources.

According to FDA data, between October 2023 and May 3 of this year, 13 out of MDH’s 65 shipments to the US were denied, accounting for about 20% of the total number of shipments. The data showed that fenugreek, mixed spices, and seasoning were included in the 13 rejected shipments.

The data shows that in FY 2022–2023 almost 15% of 119 MDH shipments were rejected, primarily because of the presence of salmonella, whereas in FY 2021–2022 the rejection percentage was 8.19%.

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