Observing Hair Loss? Consider Pollution as a Possible Cause; See What Experts Say

The season of celebration and pollution and health issues are interrelated. From a burning feeling in the eyes to breathing problems, hair loss, skin problems, stomach infections, and more.

Pollution causes hair thinning, according to Dr. Deepti Rana, senior consultant dermatologist, laser specialist, and cosmetic physician at the Max Multi Speciality Centre in New Delhi. The strands’ structure is attacked by the chemicals in the air, causing them to become dull and lifeless. The quantities of protein in the locks are also decreased by dust and other pollutants, weakening them. You therefore have higher hair loss during this time of year.

Chemicals from contaminated water and air, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other materials, can settle on the scalp. They contribute to the accumulation of weak strands, inflamed scalps, itchy surfaces, and dandruff. So here’s another way that pollution causes hair loss.

It can also result in noticeable patches of hair, according to Dr. Rana. As a result, we must shield our locks from the sun’s rays and pollution.

Use hair washing products that don’t remove natural oil from your scalp on a regular basis.

When you leave the house, you should wear a scarf. It will shield your scalp from chemicals and shield your hair from the sun’s damaging rays. Additionally, it will shield your hair from dust and debris, which can seriously harm it and increase hair loss, if you live close to a building site.

Dr. Rana advised applying a hair serum (Kitchen Ingredients For Frizzy Hair) to help control frizz. It will also keep the tangles out of your locks.

Additionally, you ought to use fewer heating appliances, including as curling and straightening irons. These can exacerbate hair loss when pollution is high.