Physicians Caution Against Rise in Heart Attacks and Eye Problems throughout the Winter

Heart Attacks

Health professionals have voiced concerns about increased heart attack risks as winter draws closer and emphasized the significance of preventive eye care throughout the colder months. Experts added that while recent studies have also shown a significant increase in heart attack rates during the winter, chilly temperatures and other seasonal elements also raise the risk of cardiovascular problems and troubles related to the eyes.

According to the experts, cold weather can cause heart attacks because it narrows blood vessels and raises blood pressure, especially in those who already have cardiovascular issues.
They urged people to keep alert about heart health in the winter by getting regular exercise, eating heart-healthy foods, and staying warm enough.

Senior consultant interventional cardiologist Dr. Vijay Kumar of the Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals stated: “We must address the increased risk of heart attacks in the winter, which is caused by a combination of environmental factors.”

“Those with pre-existing conditions like asthma and smokers experience intensified respiratory challenges due to the surge in pollution levels during this time, which not only triggers inflammation.” the speaker continued.
Dr. Kumar added that the heart is taxed by the freezing temperatures, which calls for more work and increases the risk of cardiac attacks.

Dr. Abhinit Gupta, a consultant cardiologist at Kanpur’s Regency Hospital, stated that patients with hypertension are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of cold-weather blood vessel constriction, which increases the risk of devastating brain strokes.

“Unbelievably, research indicates a greater death rate following heart attacks during the winter than during the summer,” he stated.

To mitigate these risks, proactive lifestyle choices can be adopted, though. Dr. Gupta continued, “Regular exercise, sensible eating practices, and adequate hydration with lukewarm water can play a crucial role in minimizing the vulnerabilities associated with heart attacks brought on by the winter.

“People should prioritize their cardiovascular health during the colder months by taking these doable actions, enabling themselves to face the seasonal obstacles with resilience and wellbeing,” he continued.

Dr. Rishi Raj Borah, the country director of the international non-profit organization Orbis International, emphasized the need of eye care in the winter. The mission of Orbis is to treat and prevent preventable blindness.

According to him, there are particular difficulties in keeping good eye health throughout the winter because of the dry air, interior heating, and exposure to strong winds, which can cause dry eyes, irritation, and worsening problems.

“To maintain optimal eye health during this season, preventive measures like staying hydrated, using artificial tears, and shielding the eyes from harsh weather conditions are crucial,” Dr. Borah continued.

As per the experts, reducing health difficulties linked to the winter season can be significantly aided by proactive eye care, heart-healthy lifestyle choices, and routine health check-ups.

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