Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited: Raising the Bar in Healthcare with Smart Diagnostic Solutions

Suprita Reddy | Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer | Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited
Suprita Reddy | Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer | Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited

‘Prevention is better than cure’, a quote commonly heard in healthcare now resonates with almost every individual. With the escalating burden of chronic diseases, rising healthcare costs, and the increase in lifestyle-related diseases, there is a growing realization among people about the significance of regular medical check-ups and diagnostic tests. The increasing importance of diagnostic services has had a profound impact on healthcare systems worldwide, leading to a significant expansion of the diagnostic industry in India as well. Diagnostic centres now offer a comprehensive array of services ranging from routine tests to imaging and laboratory examinations.

Among the reputed names in this domain is Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited, an eminent player in India’s healthcare sector. With a vast network of over 160 centres, it is India’s largest integrated B2C diagnostic chain. The centre offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services encompassing pathological investigations, advanced radiology, nuclear medicine, and associated healthcare solutions. Its focus on quality has earned it accreditations from the NABH and NABL.

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre provides a spectrum of pathology tests ranging from basic biochemistry to sophisticated cytogenetics, alongside an array of radiology services including echocardiograms, X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans, SPECT, and PET CT scans. Moreover, the company tailor’s health and wellness packages to meet individual customer needs.

Taking the lead at Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is Suprita Reddy, an experienced professional serving as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. With a strong background in core HR functions within the healthcare industry, Suprita’s leadership has been crucial in driving the company’s growth and development. Her strategic insight and industry expertise have been instrumental in solidifying Vijaya Diagnostic Centre’s position as a leader in India’s diagnostic landscape.

With a commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective diagnostic services, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre continues to expand its reach and capabilities.

One Center for All Diagnostic Needs

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre’s journey of excellence traces back to 1981 when it was founded to address the critical need for comprehensive diagnostic services all under one roof. Dr. S. Surendranath Reddy, the Executive Chairman, is the visionary who established the organization’s inaugural center.

Since its inception, the centre has consistently elevated the standards of quality, with a strong emphasis on customer needs and convenience, positioning itself as a preferred brand and a leading integrated B2C diagnostic chains in India. With a proud network of 160 branches spanning 25 cities, Vijaya operates with a team of 2500 professionals, including top-tier radiologists and pathologists.

Renowned for its trust among customers, clinicians, and healthcare organizations, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is affiliated with over 500 companies in both the public and private sectors. Throughout its four-decade tenure, the organization has been at the forefront of innovation and technology adoption in the diagnostic field while upholding the commitment to superior quality standards. The primary focus remains on addressing customer needs by providing convenience, comfort, and safety at all times.

Dr. S. Surendranath Reddy’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership have been foundational to the company’s development and achievements, positioning it as a prominent player in the diagnostic industry.

Faster and Accurate Results

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests, ensuring prompt delivery of results to patients. With a focus on efficiency, test results are provided on time. The lab test packages are competitively priced, making quality healthcare accessible. All laboratories within the network hold National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) certification, guaranteeing high standards of quality.

Employing a skilled team of over 250+ radiologists, microbiologists, and pathologists, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre maintains expertise in-house. Additionally, the centre extends Corporate Wellness solutions, catering to both onsite and offsite health check-ups. Serving a diverse corporate clientele comprising over 400 multinational corporations in India, these wellness programs are designed to optimize employee health and well-being, ensuring a productive workforce for businesses.

Leading the Indian Diagnostic Space

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has always stood out in the diagnostic sector since its inception in the 1980s. Its unique concept of integrated diagnostics under a single roof has made it a leader in the diagnostic landscape.

The centre ensures timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality diagnostic care, whether through home sample collection or within the secure environment of their diagnostic centres. Recognizing the importance of providing superior medical care, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre focuses on delivering accurate diagnostic findings promptly to enable optimal patient outcomes.

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre ensures that each diagnostic clinic bearing its name is equipped with state-of-the-art medical instruments and diagnostic devices. The recruitment process at the centre is stringent, with a focus on hiring only the most qualified professionals who possess the necessary skills and experience for their roles.

With a commitment to maintaining consistency in safety and quality, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre precisely manages its labs and designs services to meet stringent quality control standards. Upholding ethical norms is paramount across all Vijaya diagnostic centres nationwide, ensuring that its services always prioritize patient well-being and compliance with ethical guidelines.

Known for its groundbreaking initiatives in introducing the latest technology and advanced equipment, Vijaya has consistently maintained the highest standards of quality, delivering an unmatched customer experience at all times.

Below are some of the noteworthy achievements that highlight its position in the diagnostic domain:

– A state-of-the-art equipment portfolio featuring more than 30 MRI and CT machines, along with 8 PET CT/Gamma machines

– Pioneering the introduction of Dual Source CT in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, revolutionizing cardiac screening by reducing scan time and radiation exposure

– Introducing advanced techniques like Wide Bore 3T MRI and open MRI to alleviate claustrophobia concerns, particularly in children and the elderly

– High-end PET-CT machines enhance scanning comfort, and imaging clarity, and reducing scan times

– Offering holistic wellness packages that extend beyond traditional healthcare to prioritize preventive care and lifestyle-specific diseases

– Providing doorstep laboratory services and a comprehensive mobile application for convenient test booking and report access.

In Pursuit of a Noble Profession

Suprita’s dedication to healthcare stemmed from a deep respect for the noble profession and a philanthropic desire to enhance accessibility to quality healthcare services. This vision materialized through the innovative ‘all under a roof’ diagnostic service delivery model, emphasizing a comprehensive customer experience infused with innovation and excellence.

In 2002, Suprita embarked on her journey with Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, drawing inspiration from her father’s diligent and dedicated management of the business. With a hands-on approach to understanding the intricacies of the industry, Suprita immersed herself in the day-to-day operations, prioritizing customer needs and devising optimal solutions to address them effectively. Guided by values of customer satisfaction, excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement, Suprita’s leadership played a pivotal role in shaping Vijaya’s success story, making it a preferred brand in the diagnostic sector.

Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

Driven by innovation, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a customer-centric ethos, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has successfully made high-quality healthcare services not only accessible but also affordable. Through strategic expansion initiatives and the introduction of innovative service delivery methods such as home collection and online booking, the centre has effectively removed barriers to accessing quality healthcare. This focus on enhancing customer convenience has been instrumental in realizing the organization’s vision of delivering the optimal customer experience consistently.

A Trusted Brand

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre’s commitment to upholding high-quality standards has always been proactive rather than reactive, driven by a stringent quality policy reinforced by regular inspections and audits. Embracing surprise checks with a positive attitude, the organization prioritizes thorough documentation, adherence to standards, and continuous training to ensure success during both planned and impromptu inspections.

Across its extensive network of centres, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre maintains a steadfast focus on replicating consistent quality standards. The organization’s robust quality assurance policy is complemented by routine audits and inspections. Evidence of Vijaya’s dedication to industry-leading quality standards is the NABL accreditation granted to all labs within its network.

NABL accreditation signifies adherence to international industry standards in processes and procedures, guaranteeing the delivery of precise and top-notch diagnostic services to customers. This accreditation also serves as a validation of the credibility and reliability of the service provider, further solidifying Vijaya’s reputation as a trustworthy brand in the healthcare sector.

Cultivating a Positive Work Culture

Suprita emphasizes that at Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, the workforce is highly valued and nurtured within a positive and collaborative work environment. Recognizing that each employee’s involvement is integral to the organization’s success, Vijaya empowers, motivates, and provides the necessary tools for every individual to innovate and contribute towards achieving the shared vision. The company actively advocates for employee engagement and maintains a flat hierarchy, adopting a culture that encourages the unrestricted exchange of ideas and ensures unimpeded access even to the highest levels of leadership within the organization.


Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has leveraged technological advancements to elevate customer satisfaction and enhance convenience and comfort. The implementation of an AI-powered mobile application enables seamless test booking with just a few simple steps from the comfort of one’s home. Additionally, test reports are conveniently archived within the app, allowing for easy access via mobile devices. This digital transformation has enabled Vijaya Diagnostic Centre to streamline the customer journey from start to finish, simplifying the entire process and ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.

A Strategic Plan for Expansion

In the future, Suprita envisions Vijaya Diagnostic Centre expanding its network of centres with a steadfast focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The organization aims to reach new milestones and solidify its position in the diagnostic sector through innovation and the integration of advanced technology.

As part of a strategic expansion strategy, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre plans to fortify its presence in the home market by extending into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities within Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The organization also intends to broaden its footprint in East India by expanding its network in Kolkata, while initiating a dense network establishment in and around Pune in West India. Venturing into adjacent regions, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has recently established a hub in Gulbarga, Karnataka, with ongoing efforts to systematically expand operations in that area.

By acquiring PH Diagnostic Centre in Pune, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has significantly marked its presence in Western India. The organization’s pursuit of acquisition opportunities demonstrates its commitment to broadening its scope and influence. With a forward-looking strategy, the Centre is focused on improving its market standing, driving innovation, and strengthening its industry impact. This proactive approach to acquisitions demonstrates a commitment to adapting to market changes, ensuring continuous growth, and securing long-term success.

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre’s expansion endeavours will remain continuous and methodical, guided by a structured approach involving market research, identification of customer needs, and recognition of business opportunities.

Maintaining the Top Spot

Being recognised as the Top Diagnostic Company is the result of Vijaya Diagnostic Centre’s diligence in abiding by the highest standards of quality, being at the forefront of adopting advanced technology, innovation, continuous improvement and its dedication to religiously safeguard its mission – that of offering integrated diagnostic services of the highest order at affordable prices, with the customer as the central focus of the business. All these have enabled Vijaya Diagnostic Centre to grow in stature to the brand that it is today, and it continues to remain true to its calling even in the time to come.