10 Most stressful jobs in the world

Military Personnel

High-risk environments, long deployments, physical demands, and the potential for life-threatening situations contribute to extreme stress levels.


Constant exposure to dangerous situations, the need for quick decision-making, and physical exertion make this job highly stressful.

Commercial Airline Pilots

The responsibility for the safety of passengers, long hours, and irregular schedules contribute to the stress experienced by pilots.

Police Officers

Facing dangerous situations, high responsibility, dealing with crime and emergencies, and the potential for physical harm create significant stress.

Healthcare Professionals

Long hours, life-and-death decisions, high stakes, and emotional strain from patient care are common stressors.

Emergency Dispatchers

Handling emergency calls, providing critical instructions, and the responsibility for coordinating responses in life-threatening situations create high stress.

Air Traffic Controllers

The responsibility for managing the safe and efficient movement of aircraft, combined with high concentration levels and the potential for catastrophic errors, leads to high stress.


Tight deadlines, exposure to dangerous environments, and the pressure to deliver accurate and timely information contribute to the stress.


High levels of responsibility, long hours, decision-making pressure, and the need to balance various stakeholders' interests contribute to significant stress.

Event Coordinators

Managing multiple details, tight deadlines, high expectations from clients, and the need to resolve unexpected issues can be extremely stressful.