8 Everyday questions parents should ask their child

"What was the best part of your day?"

This question helps highlight positive experiences and allows children to reflect on and share what made them happy.

"Did anything make you feel sad or upset today?"

Encourages children to express their negative emotions and provides an opportunity for parents to offer support and guidance.

"What did you learn today?"

Promotes a habit of self-reflection and reinforces the value of learning and curiosity.

"Did you help anyone today or did someone help you?"

Fosters empathy and kindness by making children aware of their interactions and the importance of helping others.

"What did you do during recess or free time?"

Provides insight into your child's social life and interests outside of structured activities.

"Is there anything you're looking forward to tomorrow?"

Encourages a positive outlook and helps children set short-term goals or anticipate enjoyable activities.

"Did you face any challenges or problems today?"

Opens up a dialogue about problem-solving and resilience, and allows parents to offer advice or support if needed.

"What made you laugh today?"

Focuses on the lighter, joyful moments, reinforcing a sense of humor and happiness in daily life.