Best Healthcare Career After 12th

Medicine (MBBS)

– Duration: 5.5 years – Focus: General medicine and surgery – Opportunities: Hospitals, clinics, research, teaching


– Duration: 3-4 years (B.Sc Nursing) – Focus: Patient care, support, and management – Opportunities: Hospitals, nursing homes, community health centers


– Duration: 4 years (B.Pharm) – Focus: Drug formulation, dispensing, and patient counseling – Opportunities: Pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies

Dental Surgery (BDS)

– Duration: 5 years – Focus: Oral health and dental surgery – Opportunities: Dental clinics, hospitals, teaching, research


– Duration: 4.5 years (BPT) – Focus: Rehabilitation and physical therapy – Opportunities: Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practice

Medical Laboratory Technology

– Duration: 3-4 years (B.Sc MLT) – Focus: Diagnostic testing and laboratory management – Opportunities: Diagnostic labs, hospitals, research labs


– Duration: 3-4 years (B.Sc Biotechnology) – Focus: Research and development in medical and pharmaceutical fields – Opportunities: Biotech firms, research institutes, pharmaceuticals

Occupational Therapy

– Duration: 4.5 years (BOT) – Focus: Helping patients regain daily living skills – Opportunities: Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practice