Gemini's new features launched in India

In June 2024, Google announced a significant expansion of its AI assistant Gemini in India. This update included the launch of the Gemini app, new features for Gemini Advanced, and integration with Google Messages.

The most significant news was the launch of the dedicated Gemini app. Now Indian users can access Gemini on their preferred platform, be it Android or iOS.  This app breaks down language barriers by supporting nine Indian languages in addition to English. Users can interact with Gemini through text, voice commands, or even by uploading images.

 Bridging the Language Gap

– Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam – Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu – More accessible and inclusive

By offering support for nine Indian languages, Google is making Gemini a more accessible and inclusive tool. This wider language support empowers users across India to interact with Gemini in their preferred language, fostering a more natural and comfortable experience.

The update also brought new features to Gemini Advanced, the paid tier of Gemini. Notably, data analysis capabilities were introduced, allowing users to upload spreadsheets and have Gemini clean, explore, analyze, and visualize the data. 

With document upload capabilities, users can upload large documents like reports or emails and have Gemini provide summaries, personalized feedback, and actionable insights. This can be a real time-saver, especially for those who regularly deal with voluminous documents.

Another exciting addition was the integration of Gemini with Google Messages, initially available in English. This allows users to access Gemini directly within their messaging app, enabling them to draft messages, brainstorm ideas, or plan events without leaving the conversation.

The expansion of Gemini in India represents a significant step forward for Google's AI ambitions in the country. With its multilingual capabilities and new features, Gemini has the potential to become a powerful tool for Indian users.