Quotes by Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis

"Statistics must have a clearly defined purpose, one aspect of which is scientific advancement and the other human welfare and national development."

"The process of statistical learning is not essentially different from the process of learning in any other field."

"Statistics is a key technology for the 21st century, essential for evidence-based policy-making and planning."

 "The usefulness of statistics depends on the relevance of the data and the appropriateness of the methods applied."

"Statistical methods should not only aim at abstract theoretical perfection but must be practical and useful in addressing real-world problems."

"The future of statistics lies in the hands of those who can adapt to new challenges and technologies while remaining true to the principles of the field."

"Collaboration across disciplines is essential for the advancement of statistics and the effective application of its methods."

"Effective data collection and analysis are the bedrock of informed decision-making and national progress."

"Statistics is not just a tool for analysis but a way of thinking that influences how we understand and interact with the world."

"Understanding the limitations of data is as crucial as recognizing its potential."