Sadhguru's Quotes On Sadhana


"Sadhana is not about making you a better human being; sadhana is about making you more than a human being."

"Sadhana is a method, not a destination. The only thing that will happen through sadhana is that you will become more available to grace."

"Sadhana is not just something you do in the morning and evening. It is a way of keeping your system clean and maintaining your balance."

"Sadhana is a way of moving away from the limitations of logic and the physical to the limitless expanse of the existential."

"Sadhana is about making a conscious effort to move from being a compulsive being to a conscious being."

"Sadhana is about making yourself available to grace. Once you are available, grace will do the rest."

 "Sadhana is not a choice; it is a necessity. Without sadhana, you are just a bundle of thoughts and emotions."

 "Sadhana is about creating the necessary atmosphere within yourself to blossom into your full potential."

"Sadhana is not about doing something; it is about becoming something."