Dr Nabhit Kapur: Breaking Stigma, Building Hope

Dr Nabhit Kapur
Dr Nabhit Kapur

Mental health has long been overshadowed in the vast landscape of healthcare. However, a transformative shift is underway, driven by resilient leaders committed to altering the perception of mental health as an integral part of healthcare.

One such prominent figure in this paradigm shift is Dr. Nabhit Kapur, the Chairman of Peacful Mind Foundation. Dr. Nabhit’s venture in mental healthcare began in 2018, post his education, where he served as a counselor and psychologist in hospitals, universities, and schools. His dedication to mental health prompted him to transition into a full-time career in this critical field, culminating in the establishment of Peacful Mind Foundation.

The foundation faced many hurdles at its initiation but has now evolved into a global entity. Recognized for its impactful work in mental health and well-being, Peacful Mind is playing a pivotal role in the ongoing mental health revolution in India.

As the Chairman of Peacful Mind Foundation, Dr. Nabhit is at the front line of creating awareness about mental health and well-being. The foundation, registered with the United Nations Global Compact, strives to promote psychological well-being at the grassroots level. Dr. Nabhit’s involvement in global mental health initiatives has earned him recognition, and he stands as a renowned advocate for mental health as a fundamental right.

Our team had the privilege of engaging with Dr. Nabhit, gaining insights into his professional journey and the impactful work Peacful Mind is undertaking globally.

Let us explore the journey of a leader dedicated to transforming mental health perceptions and making waves in the field across the globe.

Journey in Mental Health Advocacy

Dr. Nabhit set out on a mission to craft a global niche in the field of mental health, a subject often masked in silence. Acknowledging the progress made over time, he recognized the persistent need for comprehensive efforts in mental well-being. Driven by this vision, he founded the Peacful Mind Foundation to impart training and implement innovative ideas in mental health.

“Establishing my own entity was crucial, as mental health extends beyond theoretical knowledge; it’s a vast landscape,” notes Dr. Nabhit. The foundation encompasses diverse domains, including the Global Youth Mental Health Forum, World Leaders for Mental Health, and Mental Health Karaoke. Over time, the foundation has undertaken various initiatives, offering certificate courses, workshops, and training programs open to individuals from all walks of life.

“We aim to broaden awareness, reaching beyond the confines of mental health professionals. Anyone in society can benefit from our training programs, gaining essential insights into mental health,” emphasized Dr. Nabhit. In light of the evolving world, the aftermath of COVID-19 has underscored the critical importance of mental health. The Peacful Mind Foundation remains committed to constant evolution, introducing new initiatives on a global scale to address the evolving landscape of mental well-being.

From Local Roots to Global Impact

Dr. Nabhit, articulating the mission of the Peacful Mind Foundation, emphasizes, “We want to make mental health a household name. That is my mission.” The foundation aims to ensure that mental health becomes a freely discussed topic across all corners of society, breaking down hesitations and barriers.

At the grassroots level, Peacful Mind actively collaborates with various entities, such as a government school in Delhi, engaging in diverse activities and training students. This approach extends globally, with international collaborations involving the sharing of resources and training with organizations worldwide. The foundation’s model revolves around training, execution, and top-to-bottom awareness creation.

“If our organization cannot penetrate, we have people who can reach the deepest layers of society. We train them, and they execute our training,” Dr. Nabhit states. The foundation maintains follow-ups and boasts collaborations with around 20 United Nations associations, engaging in impactful activities and promoting mental health resources across diverse global communities.

Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

Addressing the challenges in mental health, Dr. Nabhit emphasizes, “The primary challenge is that mental health is not considered as primary healthcare. That is the biggest challenge.” He points out that mental health is often lowered to secondary status or excluded entirely from healthcare priorities, being classified under social affairs.

Furthermore, Dr. Nabhit highlights the crucial distinction between psychiatry and psychology, underscoring that while similar, these fields are not identical. The persistence of outdated practices, deeply ingrained in traditional approaches, poses a significant challenge. Driven by a desire to disrupt established norms, he founded the foundation to challenge the status quo and introduce innovative methods.

“People tend to still not understand the concept behind it. I mean, they just go by what they have been taught in colleges and universities, just like road learning,” observes Dr. Nabhit. He acknowledges the difficulty in breaking away from established practices but notes the positive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in prompting increased openness to mental health discussions.

“Thanks to COVID, people have actually now started opening up, but a lot needs to be done,” he asserts. The foundation stands as a proactive force, pushing for a shift in mindset and advocating for mental health to be conferred the priority it deserves in both healthcare and societal considerations.

Well-being Diplomacy

In contemplating the vast concept of global peace amidst the challenges faced by individuals worldwide, Dr. Nabhit recognizes the profound psychological impact on people. He notes the prevalence of mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression, emphasizing their hindrance to achieving true peace.

Dr. Nabhit introduces the concept of “well-being diplomacy,” asserting that discussions between leaders and nations should extend beyond economic and cultural aspects. He emphasizes the crucial role of mental health in promoting true peace, highlighting the reciprocal nature of growth and support among global citizens.

“When we talk about negotiations between leaders and countries, it is also on the well-being of each other. You help me grow, I help you grow. We nurture each other because we are one global citizen, part of this world and planet,” explains Dr. Nabhit. He calls for a shift in diplomatic conversations, urging leaders to prioritize understanding each other’s needs in the present and the future, setting aside historical differences.

“Until the concept of well-being diplomacy is understood and accepted by all leaders running this planet, true peace cannot be achieved. We have to sit on a table to talk, understand each other’s needs, and move beyond past differences,” insists Dr. Nabhit. The call for a unified understanding and acceptance of well-being diplomacy stands as a crucial step towards encouraging a peaceful and interconnected global community.

Global Impact

Peacful Mind Foundation, operating on a global scale, actively conducts both online and offline training workshops facilitated by resourced persons across different regions. Dr. Nabhit, the driving force behind the foundation, frequently participates as a speaker in conferences, workshops, and summits, contributing to the discourse on mental health issues.

The foundation’s unique approach extends beyond training initiatives. It actively engages with political leaders to influence policies related to mental health, recognizing the profound impact such policies can have on society at large. Dr. Nabhit emphasizes the critical analysis of how policies formulated in parliament and elsewhere affect the general public, particularly in terms of mental health.

“At Peacful Mind, our focus extends beyond training; we collaborate with political leaders to shape mental health policies for the greater good of society,” notes Dr. Nabhit. The foundation’s multifaceted efforts contribute to the ongoing global conversation surrounding mental health and its integration into policymaking for a healthier and more resilient society.

Introducing Fellowships and Expanding Global Reach

In a strategic move for the year, Peacful Mind is set to launch the Peacful Mind Fellowships. These fellowships aim to provide a platform for individuals dedicated to societal well-being and mental health, empowering them to expand their impact. Dr. Nabhit envisions this initiative as a key strategic step to adopt collaboration and drive further positive change.

Reflecting on the growth of the NGO, Dr. Nabhit notes the absence of a rigid plan, expressing contentment with the organic development of Peacful Mind. The foundation is open to establishing its presence in new parts of the world, reaching areas where its influence has not yet been felt.

Despite the absence of a specific plan for fundraising, Dr. Nabhit emphasizes the foundation’s commitment to societal contribution over financial goals. “To be very honest, this NGO was not started for the aim of getting donations and charities. We just wanted to contribute to society, and as much as we can do, I’m very happy with it,” he candidly states. The focus remains on making a meaningful impact and promoting positive change rather than conforming to traditional fundraising models.

Perseverance in Pursuit of Vision

In his lectures and interactions, Dr. Nabhit imparts a timeless piece of advice: “Do not give up. Even if you do not have resources, just do not give up on your vision.” Emphasizing the importance of taking a step forward, he encourages individuals not to succumb to challenges but to persevere with solid determination.

Drawing from personal experience rather than bookish knowledge, Dr. Nabhit acknowledges the inherent stress, frustration, and tension that come with pursuing a vision. However, he passionately advocates for maintaining hope and continuous movement, assuring that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s my own experience from which I’m saying. I have practiced this throughout the years. Yes, it is stressful. Yes, it is frustrating. Yes, it is a tense situation. But seriously, just don’t lose hope and keep on moving. Things will fall in place automatically,” advises Dr. Nabhit.

Fellowships and Futures

Peacful Mind, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Nabhit, is ambitiously moving towards establishing itself as one of the world’s leading mental health institutions. Expressing the desire to collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Nabhit acknowledges the need for substantial resources and supportive hands on this journey.

“While we don’t rely on donations or charities, we are in search of strong collaborators to aid us in achieving this monumental goal,” states Dr. Nabhit. The foundation envisions a future where the mere mention of mental health prompts the association with Peacful Mind, aligning with its name to bring a sense of peace to all those in need.

Dr. Nabhit, with a global perspective, aims to expand the impact of Peacful Mind, not limiting its influence to India alone. He takes pride in the international recognition and appreciation received for the foundation’s work. With a hopeful view towards gaining international recognition for his contributions, he wishes, “When somebody talks about mental health, my name is counted there.”

With an optimistic outlook, Dr. Nabhit expresses his aspirations for a significant and recognized contribution on a global scale. The foundation’s journey is marked by a commitment to encouraging mental well-being and leaving a lasting mark in the worldwide discourse on mental health.