Regular and Safe Blood Donation Camps Vital in Tackling Diseases: Dr Suman, DHS Chandigarh

Blood Donation | Dr Suman

Director of Health Services, Chandigarh, Dr. Suman Singh, stressed the importance of regular and safe blood donation camps to maintain a sufficient blood supply. To prevent shortages of blood and platelets during the peak dengue season starting in September, the UT health department has implemented a comprehensive collection plan. Last year, there were 300 reported dengue cases, with a few requiring hospitalization.

Dr. Suman Singh highlighted the critical need for consistent blood donation, stating, “This is vital for saving the lives of patients with severe anemia, cancer, thalassemia, accident injuries, and obstetric complications.”

“Our blood bank is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and maintains an extensive list of donors. We also receive support from NGOs and the Chandigarh Police, who are prepared to donate blood during crises. In addition to regular blood camps, we conduct extra collection drives to ensure we always have sufficient supplies for emergencies,” Singh added.

Dr. Singh noted that due to the high number of cancer patients at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), many are referred to the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital (GMSH) in Sector 16 for blood transfusions due to bed shortages. “It’s not just oncology patients; those on dialysis and others needing blood are also sent here. We ensure everyone is accommodated without treatment delays, so our blood bank must be ready for any additional demands,” she explained.

Singh acknowledged the crucial role of NGOs and other organizations in organizing monthly blood donation camps, which collectively gather around 6,000 units of blood each year.

Dengue fever, an acute illness caused by infection from one or more of the four serotypes of dengue viruses (DENV 1 to 4), is transmitted through female mosquitoes of the species Aedes aegypti and, less commonly, Aedes albopictus. It is a dynamic, systemic disease with a wide clinical spectrum that includes both severe and non-severe manifestations.

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