Angina Awareness Week Hosted by Abbott and Association of Physicians of India

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The inaugural Angina Awareness Week, hosted by the Association of Physicians of India (API) in collaboration with Abbott from June 19th to 25th, emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and effective management of angina to enhance patient outcomes and mitigate cardiac risks.

Angina, characterized by chest pain or discomfort, is a prevalent symptom of coronary artery disease (CAD), particularly affecting India, which bears the world’s second-highest mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). The week-long initiative aimed to address the critical need for timely detection of angina, which can also manifest as lightheadedness, arm pain, and back discomfort, with obesity posing a significant risk factor, especially among women.

The action plan titled ‘Optimal Treatment of Angina (OPTA): The Need of the Hour’ underscores best practices for prompt diagnosis and management. It highlights the alarming rise in CAD-related deaths and disabilities in India over the past three decades, emphasizing atypical symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweating, and nausea, which often lead to missed diagnoses. Women, in particular, may experience jaw pain, exhaustion, and non-chest discomfort, complicating diagnosis further.

The initiative advocates for the adoption of advanced tools for rapid risk assessment and comprehensive care strategies by healthcare providers. Innovations such as minimally invasive procedures, connected health devices, and AI-driven diagnostics are pivotal in early detection, continuous monitoring, and personalized treatment plans. These advancements, coupled with increasing awareness of heart health and improving healthcare infrastructure, promise significant advancements in cardiac care across India.

Early identification of angina enables timely interventions that can delay disease progression, alleviate symptoms, and mitigate the risk of severe cardiac events. Abbott has developed three essential tools—the OPTA clinical checklist, questionnaire, and approach—to aid healthcare professionals in accurate diagnosis and proactive management.

Dr. Milind Y Nadkar, President of API, stresses the urgency of early intervention given that Indians experience CVDs a decade earlier than their Western counterparts. Dr. Ashwini Pawar, Medical Director at Abbott India, reaffirms their commitment to raising awareness through Angina Awareness Week to foster early diagnosis and optimal disease management.

A panel discussion during the week, moderated by Dr. Pawar, featured insights from Dr. Nadkar, Senior Interventional Cardiologist Dr. VT Shah, and Dr. Agam Vora, General Secretary of API, further emphasizing collaborative efforts to combat underdiagnosis of angina and improve cardiac care outcomes in India.

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