Canon Focuses on Expanding its Healthcare Business in India


Canon officials announced plans to bolster its main business divisions of imaging, printing and surveillance. In addition to expanding its footprint in the semiconductor, flat panel display and medical industries. The company highlighted India’s critical role in its worldwide growth strategy.

According to the sources, Canon offers a wide range of innovative medical goods and services, including IT solutions for healthcare and diagnostic imaging equipment. With India as a major market, Canon is concentrating even more on supporting the quickly expanding medical industry.

Speaking at the event, Howard Ozawa, Executive VP of Canon, Chairman and CEO of Canon Marketing Asia and Chief Representative of Canon Asia Group, stated that “we continue to see India as a beacon of opportunity and we are aiming to strengthen the semiconductor and medical business, recognizing the immense potential that the market holds.”

“Canon Medical Systems India, a subsidiary of Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Japan, has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced medical imaging from diagnostic and interventional imaging systems to healthcare IT solutions for the wider healthcare enterprise,” stated Koh Yamada, President of Canon Medical Systems India, in providing more information about the company’s growth in the medical field. Canon Medical Systems wants to maximize patient outcomes while advancing AI-powered technologies and apps to meet therapeutic and diagnostic imaging requirements.

The Canon Group, which employs over 169,000 people globally, is made up of production and marketing subsidiaries located in Japan, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. A global network of research and development organizations with locations in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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