Stop Sugar and Shift to Jaggery in Food Preparations


This summer, instead of refined sugar, try jaggery, which is cooler and tastier! This natural sweetener, filled with nutrients and minerals, is not only excellent for you, but it opens you a world of delectable delicacies ideal for battling the heat.

Jaggery, sometimes called ‘gur’, has been utilized in Indian cuisine from ancient times. Jaggery, which is made by boiling raw sugarcane juice, is nutritionally dense and has numerous health benefits, as opposed to the often eaten refined sugar.

Dr. Vedika Premani, clinical dietician at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai, recommends consuming jaggery in moderation throughout the warm months. “Firstly, jaggery contains some amount of electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium, essential for maintaining the body’s fluid balance and preventing dehydration,” she said.

She suggests that refined sugar should be replaced with jaggery as trace amounts of minerals such as iron and calcium are present in it. These minerals are required by the body to maintain bone health and facilitate energy metabolism.

According to Dr. Premani, it aids in cooling the body throughout the summer, “making it particularly beneficial for alleviating heat-related ailments such as heatstroke and prickly heat”. She goes on to say that jaggery consumption impacts sweat, which helps to regulate body temperature, allowing it to cool itself in warm weather.

Including this superfood in your diet doesn’t have to mean giving up your sweet craving for better health. There are numerous jaggery pleasures that you may easily create at home this summer.

Experts recommend the following recipes for cooling your body from within:

Panakam is a famous South Indian drink made with jaggery, water, ginger, lemon juice, and cardamom. According to Alok Singh, proprietor and agriculturist at Diga Organics & Agro Farm in Uttar Pradesh, “It’s known for its cooling properties and is often consumed during festivals or as a summer cooler.”

Dr. Premani says, “To prepare it, dissolve jaggery in water and add a dash of ginger, cardamom, and a hint of lemon juice.” This combination not only cools the body but also promotes digestion.”

Nolen Gur Ice Cream is sure to be popular with young people. Dr. Premani adds that nolen gur ice cream, originated in West Bengal, is produced by combining date palm jaggery with milk, cream, and a sprinkle of salt to make a creamy base. Freeze it until firm, then enjoy the rich, caramel-like flavor that instantly cools the body in the heat.

Til ke laddoo brings back wonderful memories for many of us. During poojas and festivals, mothers and grandmothers shape sesame seeds (til) into balls with jaggery, a traditional sweet.

Singh claims that they are both nutritious and cool. “Sesame is high in antioxidants, and when combined with jaggery, it makes for a healthy snack” , says Singh.

Gud ka Sharbat: A refreshing drink is essential throughout the summer season. Replace soda with gud ka sharbat. For a tart flavor, combine lemon and cumin with water, jaggery, and black salt.

Singh promotes it as “an excellent hydrator and a healthier alternative to sugary sodas”. Dr. Premani explains, “Its sweet and sour flavor effectively combats dehydration.”

Jaggery Kulfi is the ultimate dairy treat. Dr. Premani suggests heating milk with grated jaggery, reducing it till thick, then pouring it into kulfi moulds.”Freeze until set, and savour the creamy indulgence, perfect for cooling down during hot summer days.” explains the author.

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