Tripura Governor Indrasena Reddy Participates in National Immunization Day Initiative

Indrasena Reddy
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At the governor’s mansion on Saturday, Tripura Governor N Indrasena Reddy participated in the National Immunization Day festivities.

Infants were observed receiving polio drops from the governor. Several women also received vaccinations during the special event.

“National Vaccination or Immunisation Day has played a crucial role in raising awareness among people who suffer from incurable diseases. Vaccination has helped prevent and eventually eradicate incurable diseases,” the Governor told the sources on Saturday.

Reddy discussed the significance of immunizations, stating that they increase life expectancy and enhance health outcomes.

“We are trying to eradicate incurable diseases. The spread has become a lot more controlled now. Several precautionary measures are being taken. Through these vaccinations, cases of illness are dropping and life expectancy is improving,” the Governor said.

“I would like to request the citizens to take advantage of this immunization program. I would like to request them to vaccinate their children without missing any date, till the stipulated age,”Reddy said, requesting the people to get themselves immunised.

Underlining the importance of the event, he said, “We are conducting this program for the first time at the Governor’s bungalow so that the common people of Tripura are informed.”

According to a press release from the Union Health Ministry, five lakh children in India die each year from diseases that can be prevented by vaccination, and an additional 89 lakh children are at danger because they are either not immunized against these diseases or have just a partial immunization.

It further stated that compared to fully immunized children, children who are partially or not at all inoculated are far more vulnerable to childhood illnesses and have a larger chance of passing away.

In order to hasten the vaccination rate, Mission Indradhanush was initiated in 2014 with the aim of quickly reaching 90% complete immunization coverage.

With the goal of guaranteeing that every kid under the age of two and pregnant women receives all available vaccinations, Mission Indradhanush seeks to lower child mortality and quickly reach 100% immunization coverage for children.

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