Top 5 Healthy Habits you Must Know to Lose Weight

CXO - Suresh
CXO - Suresh

We have just finished the first half of 2023, and New Resolutions are still pending in some corners, right? We promised to lose weight and reach our body goal, but procrastination or another reason came. Let’s approach the other half with a proper plan and blueprint so that it makes up for your lifestyle.

We all want to lose our excess weight and lead a healthy way of living and, you know what? Now you can do that. Following are some of the top 5 healthy habits that can help you lose that excess weight.

Track Your Calories

Let’s start a new and healthy habit of tracking your food. We, humans, have a habit of eating at irregular times, and we think about what this little piece will add to our bodies. But all of these little pieces pile up to a significant calorie amount.

We all have a maintenance calorie amount for a day, and, to lose the fat, we need to eat lesser than that. So, tracking calories will help you know how much food you should consume and how much you should REJECT in a day.

Manage your Junk Food

We all love Junk Food. And we ate quite a lot on our birthdays and regretted it the next day. Don’t worry! You don’t have to stop eating your favorite food to lose that weight. But you have to manage that.

If you start tracking your calories and are left with 400-500 kcalories for that day. You can eat your favorite food (Keep up with the calories. Do not overeat.). You can also cut your outing eatings from 2-3 times a week to 1 time a week. Manage your junk food accordingly to manage your weight as well.

Eat More Vegetables

If you are eating less than your maintenance calories (Calorie Deficit), then there are high chances that you are hungry all the time, and we all know that a hungry person is the angry one. So, eat something that will make you feel full but should have fewer calories. Which food item delivers such standards?

Yes, you guessed it right. Vegetables are your friends. They make your stomach feel full for the time being and have fewer calories. So, add some of the veggies to your diet this new year. By the way, Vegetables also provide many other healthy fibers and vitamins and minerals that will help you.

Drink More Water

Drinking lots of water is the secret recipe for weight loss that you will mostly ignore. Drinking water whenever you feel hungry will make you feel full for the time being and help you with many other things. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day minimum. You can increase the number if possible. It is tough to do if you are not used to drinking this much but keeping a water bottle near you will help you.

Drinking lots of water have many benefits. First, you will have better skin as they tend to wash out toxins. Also, this will help you in bettering your stomach issue. After that, the only problem you will face will be, visiting the bathroom frequently.


Last but not least, a thing that we all know but tend to ignore is exercising. Exercising is a must when it comes to weight loss. That does not mean you have to train like a bodybuilder, but you must work out for some time. It can be a 15-20 min fast walk or rope skipping. Anything that makes you sweat or adds tension to your muscles will be fine.

So, this new year, add these habits to your lifestyle and see the positive changes for yourself. Let’s make the other half of a year a different one where we not just promise ourselves the resolutions but starts working for our goals.

We all want to lose our excess weight and lead a healthy way of living and, you know what? This time you can do that. Following are some of the top 5 healthy habits that can help you lose that excess weight.

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